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              Hebei Zhengding Xinsheng Machinery CO.,Ltd.is located in the well-known tourist resort-Zhengding county-a place known for its charming scenic sports featured by the Nine Mansions,Four pagodas and Eight Temples.We are advanta-geously situated:our acility adjoins Shijiazhuang International Airport and is at the 257km+600m of No.107 National Highway and in the vicinity of Jingzhu Expressway.


              We are a business integrating R&D,design and manufacturing and are specialized in the maufacturing of food machinery,pepper peocessing machinery,sterilization equipment and complete set of pepper processing equipment for pigment factory.
              We boast powerful technical force and senior professional design and management talents.


              Our products can be divided into four series:pepper processing equipment for pepper food plant,pepper processing equip-ment for pigment factory,bacteria-killing equipment and fruit & vegetable processing equipment.We are more than happy to support your growth with our quality products and competitive price.

              Our Business Concept:Credit,Pragmatic,Our Business Concept!